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Tips on feeling rested and a healthy weight

Summary A good night of sleep has profound effects on our bodies and our mind.  We talk about the best, most effective ways to manage your sleep, so that you can easily support healthy hormone cycles, and a healthy weight.  We discuss sleep hygiene, exercise timing, light, and ideal temperature.  Nighttime hot flashes? Listen in…

Intro to the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)

Summary We chat about the basics of the autoimmune protocol and introduce the pillars.  It’s a great place to start if you are new to the AIP or if you are only familiar with the diet aspect of the AIP.  This is the first in the AIP series. We even chat a little about phthalates…

Discovering Reflexology

Summary In this episode, Carolee talks about her own journey in discovering reflexology.  She then discusses its uses, history, and answers some frequently asked questions.  Curious about what a session is like? Listen to her explain the experience, and what helped her cope with autoimmune symptoms.   — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor:…

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Our Hosts

Carolee V Nevulis

Carolee has a passion for knowledge and is constantly learning. Her background includes Ayurveda, critical care nursing, Buddhist psychology, Reflexology, Energy medicine, education, and the Autoimmune Protocol. Carolee has Celiac disease and is passionate about advocating as well as educating. She currently attends Simmons University for Primary Care (FNP) and is also studying functional medicine.

Adrian Potter

Adrian holds a bachelor’s degree in biology, and was a volunteer firefighter during his undergraduate education. Adrian served in the military as a navy corpsman. He is completing a master’s degree in healthcare administration and has a passion for healthcare policy. Adrian hopes that we can improve the health of our communities through better policies.

Kelly Potter

Kelly’s background includes Women’s health, and Navy training. She is well traveled, and enjoys learning. Kelly’s interests include gut health, travel, and astronomy. Kelly is attending Salve Regina for healthcare management.

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